Drip Coffee Bag Manufacturing

Simple and convenient, the drip-type bag is a standard for processing coffee bags. It can be manufactured from a small lot.

The standard drip coffee bag was manufactured in Shizupack about 20 years ago. In recent years, coffee blended with healthy food has become a new trend, we proudly handle full processing from mixing to the manufacturing process.

Generally, only about 7~8g is produced, but it’s possible to fill up a full mug cup with 15g of raw material produced with the latest technology that we currently use.

An increasing number of our customers asking to add more grams for them to make iced coffee. (After dipping the bag inside hot water for a while, remove it then add some ice)

Drip coffee has become a new trend in recent years.

We can also support the manufacturing and filling process of various flavors for the coffee, therefore it could be used for commercializing.

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    A new type of coffee bag with excellent extraction.

  4. Add more value to products and goods!!

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  6. Introducing The Latest X-Ray Foreign Substance Inspection Machine & Printing Camera Machine To The Coffee Processing Line.

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