Our Journey So Far

Since our establishment in 1975, Shizu Pack corporation has never stopped developing and proposing to our customers with more convenient and affordable products.

We strive to continually propose optimal solutions including the OEMs method involving many products such as health foods, beauty products as well as teabags, coffee bags, confectionery manufacturing, cosmetic manufacturing subdivisions, and food packaging process setup.

Shōwa Era Year 50 (1975)

※Shizuka Pack Co., Ltd. was established along with the Shintomi Branch factory and started manufacturing teabags.

Shōwa Era Year 51 (1976)

Started manufacturing labeled product packs.

Shōwa Era Year 52 (1977)

Installed the exterior label pack printing machine. Nylon gauze tea bag production started.

Shōwa Era Year 53 (1978)

Developed nylon teabag with picking thread.

Shōwa Era Year 54 (1979)

※Established Headquarters Teabag factory on Nakamura Street.

Shōwa Era Year 55 (1980)

Announced the successful development of a teabag that can preserve quality for up to 2 years, with 2 types of production, producing 2g packs separately in low quantities, or producing many 2g bags and grouping them in one big bag.

Shōwa Era Year 56 (1981)

Presented one bag of 5g pack.

Shōwa Era Year 57 (1982)

Started utilizing highly transparent nylon materials.

Shōwa Era Year 58 (1983)

Utilizing and developing weighing main tea gauze machine, announced main tea gauze used in production.

Shōwa Era Year 59 (1984)

Started using nylon material woven with anti-static fiber.

Shōwa Era Year 60 (1985)

※Developing special porous paper tea bag

Shōwa Era Year 61 (1986)

Fuji's factory construction begins, strengthening sales in the eastern part of the prefecture
※Toushinden factory started construction, tea-related product manufacturing department opened, SK pack operation started.

Shōwa Era Year 62 (1987)

Introduced the first Italia-made teabag-making machine IME-C21, started manufacturing the world's first triangular pyramid-shaped teabag. Started manufacturing nylon gauze teabags with tags.

Shōwa Era Year 63 (1988)

Triangular pyramid-shaped teabag with trademarks under codenames [Pitre] (ピトレ) and [Pitra] (ピトラ) approved, introduced Italia-made teabag-making machine IME-C21 No. 2, started manufacturing mini-packs with tags: ※Established factory and distribution center construction for elderly people in Kanaya (published on newspaper, and TV coverage)
Started manufacturing coffee bags at Kanaya Branch Factory.

Heisei Era Year 2 (1990)

Exported Units 1 of nylon gauze teabag making machine to Europe (published in the local newspaper).
Implement working guidance for local engineers of DAMMANN Frères Tea Company (published in the local France magazine).

Heisei Era Year 3 (1991)

Collaborative with KEY COFFEE INC. in the development of drip coffee bags.

Heisei Era Year 5 (1993)

Introduced the IMA-C21 teabags making machine units 3 and 4.

Heisei Era Year 7 (1995)

Teabag for PET bottle development.

Heisei Era Year 10 (1998)

Teabag with tag thread attached making machine units 1 and 2 started operation in Kanaya Branch Factory.
Catchy Tag-shaped attached teabag development.

Heisei Era Year 11 (1999)

Started manufacturing [Fūsen] type teabags.
The first domestic [Fūsen] teabags making machine started operation in Kanaya Branch Factory.
Accordion Drip Coffee bag announced.
Non-powdered tea (green leaf tea) with Ester material teabag announced.
Established contact E-mail: contact@shizupack.jp

Established Home Page: http://shizu-pack.com/
Exported Units 2 of nylon gauze teabag making machine to Europe.

Heisei Era Year 12 (2000)

Introduced the first stick automatic filling machine for powdered tea at Toushinden Branch Factory.

Heisei Era Year 13 (2001)

Started operated the stick automatic filling machine Units 2 for powdered tea at Toushinden Branch Factory.
Kanaya Branch Factory started manufacturing [Fūsen] soup bags.
Introduced the stick automatic filling machine Units 3 for powdered tea at Nakahara Headquarters Factory.
Introduced the special 5-unit in one automatic stick filling machine at Nakahara Headquarter Factory.

Heisei Era Year 14 (2002)

Shintoumi's New Branch Factory completed building.
Non-powdered tea (green tea leaf) popularization campaign started, Rupondrippa production started, patent application completed (special permission/ design/ trademark)

Heisei Era Year 15 (2003)

Stick-type automatic filling machine Units 4 for powdered tea started operation at Toushinden Branch Factory, stick-type automatic filling machine Units 5 for powdered tea started operation at Toushinden Branch Factory.
In Shanghai, China: participated in the establishment of Shanghai Shigusha Foods Co., Ltd., opened Koshigaya Liaison Office.

Heisei Era Year 16 (2004)

Authorized as organic agriculture product subdivision manufacturer.
Automatic filling machine with weight checker for the pyramid-shaped teabags at Shintoumi branch factory.

Heisei Era Year 17 (2005)

Automatic raw organic ingredients filling machine with weight checker sensor machine attached for triangular pyramid-shaped teabags production started operation at Toushinden branch factory, which is later extended in every manufacturing room in the factory.
Installed cleanroom for processing auger stick types large size and automatic filling machine for powdered tea in Toushinden branch factory.

Heisei Era Year 18 (2006)

Established Yutobo Co., Ltd. Branch Company at Jiyang District, China.
Install large size automatic filling machine for powdered tea at Toushinden No. 2 branch factory.

Heisei Era Year 19 (2007)

Improved the weighing machine of 30g nylon gauze with thread at Headquarter's factory.
A new type of machine that is compatible with 100g coffee bag introduced at Kanaya branch factory.

Heisei Era Year 20 (2008)

Established full production line of the new model on-cup type of drip bag at Headquarter's factory.

Heisei Era Year 21 (2009)

Introduce 20g drip bag for normal size mugs production line at Shintoumi branch factory.
Auger stick type automatic filling machine for powdered tea Units 6 started operation at Toushinden branch factory.

Heisei Era Year 22 (2010)

IMA teabag making machine Unit 1 sold, Toushinden No. 1 branch factory cleansed, special low-temperature grinder machine started operation at Toushinden No. 1 branch factory, Fuji branch factory cleansed, World Selection announced.

Heisei Era Year 23 (2011)

Cleansed up the hallway of the Nakahara's HQ.
Introduced the high-speed auger stick type processing machine at the new headquarters ' factory.
Introduced box packing machine for stick type package at the new headquarters ' factory.
Low-temperature grinders No.2 and No. 3 started operation, completed the second factory and parking lot for the headquarter company.

Heisei Era Year 24 (2012)

Acquired HACCP standards certification, organic JAS certification (equivalent to America NOP: National Organic Program) for Nakahara headquarters' factory.

Heisei Era Year 25 (2013)

Introduced the latest two-kind mixture teabag-making machine. A large amount of blended raw materials with different densities could be filled more evenly.
Started operation of an exterior machine for individually wrapped triangular teabag at headquarters' factory.
Introduced the high-speed triangular teabag manufacturing machine at headquarters ' factory - Aiming to quickly respond to shorter delivery time.
Started operation Shintoumi No. 2 branch factory. Prepared more hygiene equipment for a secure sanitation facility than ever before, along with performing various hygiene processes such as atmosphere pressure control, humidity control, and temperature control.
Agrees on contract for OEM method of manufacturing healthy food-related raw materials.

Heisei Era Year 26 (2014)

  • Introducing the triangular teabag-making machine with high-speed production. It is possible to manufacture teabag in large lots more than before in a high sanitation facility environment.
  • Introducing high-speed production triangular coffee bag-making machine. Triangular bag manufacturing is now possible for coffee because some ingredients are difficult to fill evenly.
  • Installed live feed/ recordable digital cameras around the factory for the Food Defense Campaign.
  • Obtained "Kosher certification" for Jewish people. In Europe and the United States, Kosher is a certification mark applied by major food companies as a food safety standard.
  • After several years of improvement, we had obtained SQF (Safe Quality Food) certification, which is an approved standard of GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiatives). We will make further improvements in food management following international standards.

Heisei Era Year 27 (2015)

  • Shintoumi No. 3 branch factory started operation. Hygiene management with air-shower booth, consistent manufacturing process with OEM method is now possible, including bagging and box packing process.
  • For the first time in the teabag industry, we had succeeded in creating an aluminum triangular type teabag that can contain matcha powder, which can also apply with super-food and chia seeds.
  • We had obtained the Excellent (E) rank in the SQF (Safe Quality Food) rankings, which is the approval standard of the 2015 GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiatives). We will strive to produce safer and better quality products.

Heisei Era Year 28 (2016)

  • The wide stick type makes it possible to filling some superfoods such as chia seeds or açaí palm seeds. This type of bag had a hole at the top for convenience when sold at the stores.
  • We also handling teabag manufacturing and stick processing with food's information displayed label.
  • To strengthen network security as well as personal information protection, prevent valuable information leakage, we installed many high-performance security measures on all company networks. We making progress in the effort of protecting our valuable information as well as our system network from spam and viruses.
  • In the SQF (Safe Quality Food) rankings, which is the approval standard of the 2016 GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiatives), we had obtained the highest level of safety level at Excellent (E). We will strive to produce safer and better quality products.

Heisei Era Year 29 (2017)

  • Installed multiple latest X-rays foreign matters detector to the stick production line. We are aiming to create a safer and more secure line of products alongside food's functional display.
  • Updating the Shizu Pack homepage with a highly secure SSL authentication (HTTPS link).
  • Obtained Canada Organic Products certification. With this, exported organic products to Canada and United States will become possible.
  • Installing printing inspection machine to check spelling or any printing mistake. Promoting IoT factory.
  • In the SQF (Safe Quality Food) rankings, which is the approval standard of the GFSI (World Food Safety Initiative) in 2017, we obtained the highest Excellent (E) for the third consecutive year. We will strive to produce safer and better quality products.
  • Installing the foreign matter inspection by X-rays and expiration date printing inspection camera to drip coffee production line. We will continue to manufacture products of better quality.

Heisei Era Year 30 (2018)

  • A portion of stick ingredients filling machines and coffee drip bag ingredients filling machines has built-in a system that allows inspection cameras to check each expiration date and store the images for later analysis. We are aiming to become a highly secure IoT factory.

Heisei Era Year 31 (2019)

  • Obtained cosmetic manufacturing license.Health and Beauty have a strong connection. Everything that we ever experience in producing and manufacturing technology, plus many years of experience of know-how to manage and distribute, we're ready to accept contracts of manufacturing cosmetics with OEM methods.
  • Confectionary production has also started operation.After years of research and development, we're proud to give our customers the best and delicious quality of our confectionery production with the OEM method. In addition to the conventional proposal of tea and coffee, we adding sweets to our growing products list.
  • Acquired GMP for health food products from the Japan Institution for Health Food Standards (JIHFS).Please rest assured that we will do our best to provide you with the best products or services.

Reiwa Era Year 1 (2019)

  • Obtained the top ranking in the International Food Certification SQF 2019. We will continue to strive to provide better quality and safer products.
  • In the effort to enhance our product quality along with protecting our customer's valuable information, we collaborated with some major IT companies to upgrade our network's security. Up until now, every malware, virus prevention application updated once every one hour, but from now, every new update will be done in real-time via the cloud database and connect to our internal network, to become more efficient in the fight against viruses and malware.
  • We are working on filling 100% powdered liquor with powdered granule sticks. If you wish to commercialize the product, feel free to contact us.
  • The confectionary manufacturing facilities production line has been expanded. The western part of the confectionary facility is capable of planning, developing, and manufacturing various sweet products such as Dacquoise, Financier, Cat Tounge, Chocolate Coating mainly for baked coating sweets.

Reiwa Era Year 2 (2020)

  • It is now possible for filling raw ingredients in granule powder sticks used for PET bottles.
  • We can manufacture from small to large batch of 25mm and 35mm wide width sticks.
  • We are now ready to accept the granulation tests for granule powder.

Reiwa Era Year 3 (2021)

  • Based on our study on the IT field up until now, we had started a system development business by forming a partnership with other high technological capabilities small-middle size IT company and provide the service to other small or middle businesses. We included many development fields such as inventory management, order management, project management, IoT system development, RFID system development, and application development.
  • We are now focusing on one more production line, which is cosmetic manufacturing.By using a cosmetic powder that is legitimate for commercializing, we have the technology which can fill into the 3 sides heat-seal along with back-pasted heat seal, combined with the technique used in production that we cultivated so far, even the powder with finely ground under 1g or less can be fill. All the production lines will be secure with good hygiene.
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