1. Add more value to products and goods!!

  2. The appeal of the product is made into a manga and published on the website!!

  3. [Improving the efficiency of pharmacy operations] Making manufacturing records online (with easy steps)

  4. Escape from the “lack of human resources” and “individualization”. Let’s move forward with digitalization!!

  5. Break away from paper!! Digitize “manufacturing instructions”

  6. [50,000 yen per month!!] “Homepage production/Homepage maintenance & management”, “SNS updates”

  7. Recruitment Through Manga

  8. “We Providing Support” for businesses that want to apply or advance in the IT field, or progress further with business’s DX.

  9. Processing 50mm Width Stick Pack With Hook Hole – Filling Process For ~ 20g Latte Or Instant Coffee (Food Product Included)

  10. Website Translation Service – [Vietnamese], [English], [Chinese]

  11. Efficient management with “Manufacturing request form” and “Work progress”

  12. Drip Coffee Bag Manufacturing

  13. Pricing Simulation (for Tea & Coffee/Food Product/Confectionery + IT Services)

  14. Using Advanced Technologies For Cosmetic “Powder Filling” Process (Applicable For Set Up Production Line)

  15. Food Products Filling Operation

  16. IMA Teabag

  17. Do You Have A Gym Membership? Then Our “Protein Powder Stick Pack” Is For You!

  18. [Reduce CO2 Emission] Introducing “Biomass-derived Ink” For Stick Pack Film Printing

  19. Green Tea Powder Kakegawa

  20. Roasted Green Tea Powder

  21. Kaga Stem Powder

  22. Insect Food With Chocolate Coating

  23. SDGs’ Viewpoint: Insects Maybe The Solution For Food Shortage

  24. Organic Powder Green Tea

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