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Body Text: Tea Culture Supported By Teabag Industry

The disappearance of the teapot in households

Even though it is kinda hard to believe but there are a relatively large number of households in big cities at Shizuoka Prefecture without teapots, and the number is rapidly increasing. It’s not uncommon for the children that don’t know how to use or the purpose of the teapot, even when they see it with their own eyes. It’s been a while since the bottled green tea, which is easy to dispose of green tea leaves in production, comes to replace traditional Japanese tea, as well as the loss of interest in them is steadily growing. “A tea bag that has the ease of use and capable is creating full-fledged tea taste, both of the advantages should stop the disappearing of interest in traditional Japanese Tea”, said Mr. Hachiro Sugiyama, general manager of Shizu Pack, about the corporation’s development philosophy. However, the taste of Japanese green tea is not quite appreciated as its rival coffee or even black tea. Part of that is because the “Japanese Common Sense” about green tea is “Tea is Free”, and usually when the clients asking to pack the tea leaves, it comes with the free cost demand. The “pyramid-shaped” teabag type was developed around 22 years ago that make even cheap tea leaves can become delicious. The “pyramid-shaped” teabag was formed from rotating a conventional teabag mold 90 degrees and closing it. Since the space inside the teabag was big enough for the tea leaves to spread, the tea effusion will be enhanced and the flavor will be deepened. The company thinks that if they invite people to try out this type of teabag with the belief that “this teabag can make the tea more delicious”, then the entire teabag industry will be in for a positive change, so they decided to open to the public about this new invention. And thanks to that, the pyramid-shaped teabag can now be seen in domestic and in foreign countries.

The drip bag that catching up the taste

To catch up in replicate the courteous act when pouring tea from a teapot, by using the teacup edge and placed the drip teabag on, open it, and then pour in the hot water over the tea leaf. You will love the rising scent and the delicate yellowish-green of the tea, in which you can also convey the charm of Japanese tea to enjoy it with all of your five senses. The production lineup included the process of fill in the nitrogen to stop the oxidation process that reduces the flavor, as well as adding blocking the effect of ultraviolet rays on the ingredient inside the bag.

Stopping the Japanese tea tradition from being forgotten

Having said that, there are more serious reasons for Japanese tea to go into oblivion. For the teahouses, the tea stored in a canister or a bag is their favorable choice, and most of them are producing in Shizuoka Prefecture as Shizuoka Tea. In a household without a teapot, even sending a pack of new tea leaves with the “brochure about the first picked tea leaves in the season”, there would be not many people who can brew a good pot of tea. Therefore, it is unlike to increase the consumers on traditional tea leaves. “Tea is produced and drink in many places inside the country, stretch out to the Niigata Prefecture as the northern limit. If the people of Shizuoka are proud of the tea produced inside the Prefecture, they should proceed to make more tea and distributed them all over the country to promote their tea, as well as to flourish the “Tea Drinking Culture”. The company has recently released “World Selection”, which contains a selected set of Japanese tea from various regions as well as coffee, those included inside the set are black tea, herbal tea, Chinese tea from all around the world every month. With the spread of water heaters and water dispensers, which are capable to produce hot water around 90 degrees, a bit high for traditional Japanese tea, and so the blend was adjusted to fit with that temperature to create a better tea flavor. The company is confident that if delicious tea becomes easier to drink, the appeal of Japanese tea made in a teapot will eventually be recognized.

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