Individual packaging teabag manufacturing

By using individual wrapping film, individually package OEM for triangular tea bags, drip coffee bags, and drip tea bags are available.
We use our own original film to produce individual wrapped tea bags so they can be manufactured in small lots.
The expiration date and product name can be print on the surface, so there is no need to attach a sticker separately.

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  1. Drip Teabag Processing

    Drip-type teabag is widely used for various types of tea, such as green tea, black tea, herbal tea, and Chinese tea. We also suggest manufacturing Sencha (non-powdered tea) and black tea with the drip-type bag.

  2. Individually wrapped triangular teabag processing

    In recent years, the demand for individually wrapped triangular tea bags has been rapidly increased. To ensure long-term preservation, each package is individually wrapped and filled with nitrogen.

  3. Shintomi No. 2 Factory Tea Bag Processing

    At the Shintomi no. 2 factory, we are equipped with more sanitary and environmental equipment and are processing tea bags. All of the systems and equipment are meet the requirement of HACCP and suitable for tea bag processing.

  4. IMA Teabag Processing

    A type of teabag produced by using the manufacturing machines of IMA corporation, the world leader in tea bagging machine. IMA teabags are manufactured with the IMA corporation's high-speed producing machine.

  5. Drip Bag Manufacturing (With “Open Here” Display)

    Drip bag tea processing for various tea types such as green tea, black tea, herbal tea, or Chinese tea. By displaying the guidance word "OPEN HERE" in English on the tearing line, it's easy to understand for foreigners to open.

  6. Exclusive: Balloon Teabag Processing

    A type of teabag that swells out when shaken.

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