SDGs’ Viewpoint: Insects Maybe The Solution For Food Shortage

Food shortage is feared to become more of a severe problem soon due to climate change and population growth.

Meat, which is one of the most important protein sources in daily meals for humans, is considered to be difficult for stable supply in the near future, as the livestock industry needs lots of material for stable growth, such as lands, water, food supply, etc. Eventually, without the necessary tools, lead to poor production efficiency in the industry.

Therefore, from the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) perspective, insects might be the solution to this problem.

Various Benefits
Insect food could provide a lot of advantages regarding meat replacement

  • Provide a high amount of protein
  • Can be cultivated in a much smaller farming area
  • Require less amount of water
  • Less cost for the breeding process (due to much smaller amounts of feed)
  • Emit less Methane than raising farm animals such as cattle or pigs

Regarding consumption, for those people who are afraid of the look of insects, it’s a good tip for imaging to Tsukudani (one type of small seafood, meat, or seaweed that has been simmered in soy sauce or mirin) whenever eating insects, because those two images outlook similarities resemble is quite strong.

At Shizupack, we process insect food from a different manufacturing environment compared to other products. At a starting point, we manufacture chocolate coating insects (grasshopper) as well as other processing lines such as packaging, etc. We’re planning for further development in the insect food industry.

If you have any inquiries, please feel free to contact us.

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