Recruitment Through Manga

Creating manga about Japanese work culture such as “job content”, “rewarding work”, “required human resources”, and “company culture”, and having as many people read it as possible, could deepen their understanding of a particular company.
This could potentially increase the number of job applications and lower the chance of job mismatches after joining the company.

~Advantages of Manga in Job Recruitment~

[Manga attracts people’s attention and having them read it]

Creating a short manga that focuses on people’s interest in the workplace, will attract certain people to look forward to submitting their job applications.

[Lower the chance of “It doesn’t look like it” after joining a company]

It’s difficult to convey the work details in plain writing, and some aspects cannot be understood until get accepted to the company.

But, by creating a short manga included in the job description, the chance of mismatches would lower significantly, preventing applicants from thinking “It wasn’t like this” after joining the workplace.

~Example of Manga for Work Application~

●Increase Motivation for Applicants!!

[Manga Create Strength and Charm]
Convey the company’s strengths and appeal through manga. This will give applicants more reasons to choose one of the many companies out there, so you can expect to increase your motivation to apply.

[Manga about Company Culture]
From a freshman to a full-fledged worker. This manga shows how a great work culture could cultivate workers and bring out the best in them.

●Reduce mismatch

[Manga about office work]
By making a manga out of what kind of work you will do, the flow of work, and the content of your work, you can reduce mismatches after joining the company.

[Manga about work for a particular type of person]
We will convey the image of the person you are looking for through manga. This allows job seekers to decide whether the company is a good fit for them.


◆◇ Translation ◇◆

We can translate languages such as “Vietnamese”, “Chinese” and “English”.
Regarding quality, please see each language by switching languages on our site (top and right of the page).

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