Acquired License For Cosmetic Manufacturing

We had obtained a cosmetics manufacturing license.
We will prepare the optimum environment for filling cosmetics and develop safe and secure manufacturing.
For distribution exhibition, if you kindly provide us with sample containers and materials, we would happily manufacture a small amount, so feel free to contact us.

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  1. [Cosmetic Product] Filling With The Ingredients Provided By Customers

    We can operate various types of powder, including fine-grained powder that required advanced technologies. With the powder provided by the customers, we will carefully store, manage, and proceed with the filling process as the customer accord. The production quantity can be produced from the small lot.

  2. Cosmetic “Ground Powder Filling” Line And “Setting Up” Process For Production

    We provide a wide range of ingredient types filling processes, from regular to finely ground powder. Feel free to contact us regarding production capacity and batch quantity.

  3. Cosmetic Powder Filling Process

    From powder to finely crushed powder, we offer a wide range of ingredients filling processes. We will respond to your request according to the properties of the cosmetic ingredients, production quantity, container shape, etc.

  4. [To Businesses Commercialize Cosmetic Products] Cosmetic Powder Filling Process

    Compared to liquid or solid form ingredients, the powder is more difficult for the filling process, therefore advanced technologies are required. Our company can handle the powder filling process (normal powder to finely crushed powder).

  5. 【Cosmetic Production】Total Support From Finely Ground Powder Filling To Bagging/ Box Packing Process


  6. Cosmetic “Powder Filling” Line And “Setting Up” Process For Production

    We have many production processes that could handle various powders, from regular powder to fine ground powder. Please feel free to contact us if you have any demand related to manufacturing foundation cream or eyeshadow cosmetic products.

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