“We Providing Support” for businesses that want to apply or advance in the IT field, or progress further with business’s DX.

・I want to advance the use of IT in my company.
・I want to use IT to increase productivity.
・I want to progress further with my company’s DX.

However, many companies may be wondering where to start.
We will work closely with our customers and assist them in resolving their concerns.


◆◇◆ Support Details◆◇◆

・Proposals on how to proceed with system development
・Presentation of estimate (cost)
・Proposals for how to improve business efficiency
・Problem solving of existing systems
・Creation and operation of new systems

We will listen carefully and provide support for the introduction of complex and troublesome IT/systems.

■Digitalization results (example)

・Customer management
・Project management

・Order management
・Estimate management
・Sales management

・Inventory control
・Manufacturing management (manufacturing instructions, manufacturing records)
・Progress management

・Reservation management
・Application management

・Digitization of paper medical records
・Coordination with other companies’ core systems
・Automation of thank-you emails and follow-up emails

◆◇ Translation ◇◆

We can translate languages such as “Vietnamese”, “Chinese” and “English”.
Regarding quality, please see each language by switching languages on our site (top and right of the page).

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    "Who will win the OOO general election/ Grand Prix?" "The voter will decide!! What is the best OOO?" "Product development decide by the voters!!!" If you use the voting system, you can hold various contests and projects base on your ideas.

  2. Cooperation With Other Company’s Core System (API Linking, Etc.)

    We can offer total support for cooperation between your business system and the core system of other companies (API linking, etc.)

  3. [Case Study] Restarting A Currently Inaccessible Website

    Restarting A Currently Inaccessible Website

  4. Inquiry Management In Simple Implementation

    There is no need for a management screen for inquiry forms. By implementing a simple method that each inquiry will be sent as an email, then each employee in the inquiry management team will review the customer's inquiry.

  5. Digital Business Card

    In recent years, "telework" and "working from home" are becoming a new trend for the working life aspect, as well as the "advance conference" or "board meeting" are also conducting online. "Digital business card" will restart a new way for "meeting" and "conference", but this time is digitalization.

  6. Raw Material Stock Management System

    A method that managing the "number of orders", "number of loans", "number of returns", "number of stocks" after the occurrence of a project.

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