The appeal of the product is made into a manga and published on the website!!

Nowadays, manga is being used to promote various services and products regardless of industry.

Why not convey to consumers the appeal of the products your company is selling and the major differences between them and similar products through an easy-to-read manga, that catches the consumers’ interest?

It may seem like a big hurdle, but to ease your worry, if you contact us, we will carefully support you from start to finish while resolving any questions you may have!

*We will provide you with an image of the finished product, so it can be used for secondary purposes (flyers/brochures).

It can be used for things other than the website, so I think it’s even more advantageous if you think about it in total.

◆◇ Translation ◇◆
We can translate languages such as “Vietnamese”, “Chinese” and “English”.
Regarding quality, please see each language by switching languages on our site (top and right of the page).

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