Raw Material Visual Sorting OEM

We have started the raw material visual sorting method. In response to recent year’s problem with the foreign substance contamination inside the raw materials, our company started visual selecting with small material quantity and various types.

By visually inspecting the raw materials provided by our customers, we will strive to provide safe and secure products by avoiding the risk of contamination by foreign substances.

We can handle green tea, black tea, coffee or herb, .etc. Please contact us if you have any further questions.

Related Products

  1. Processing Raw Fine Powder

    We processing the powder fineness up to 30 ~ 50 microns of finely-pulverize materials such as green tea, black tea, herbal tea, Chinese tea, .etc The powdering process is conducted by using an airflow-type crusher while reserving the scent and the color of the materials.

  2. Sterilization Various Raw Materials By Airflow Sterilizer

    We use special airflow sterilizer equipment to sterilize many different types of raw materials.

  3. Extensive Processing Contents

    In addition to sterilization, crushing, roasting, and packaging, which are our specialty fields, we can also perform stick processing and assembly.

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