Do You Have A Gym Membership? Then Our “Protein Powder Stick Pack” Is For You!

In the health supplement field, protein powder is considered the most versatile ingredient for health and attracted a lot of attention in recent years.
For that reason, we are happy to respond to protein powder-related products using stick packaging.

■ Production Information
[Details] Stick processing
[Stick width] 35mm

<A Small Talk About Protein Powder>
It was used by athletes, bodybuilders, and other sports that require a lot of muscle strength.
Recently, there are numbers of people who use protein powder on regular basis, even for casual exercise, because it’s essential for a healthy body, good for diet, or health maintenance.

<Stick Satchel One Strong Point>
The capacity of each stick satchel is capable to fill up one average size cup with 10 ~ 15g of raw ingredients!
The 35mm wide stick is ideal for raw ingredients that require a big amount of filling per satchel, such as protein powder, instant coffee, or amino acid powdered beverages.

<Development Plan>
Try out our protein powder stick satchel and tell us if it satisfies your sense. For a product that has a good repeat manufacturing like a stick satchel, it is ideal to try out to sell a trial set with various protein powder flavors.

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    We could produce the hook hole stick for hanging, which is rare in stick production with a large capacity.

  2. [Renewal] Whole Catechin Powder Stick Pack Green Color

    The printing process has switched to biomass-derived ink for the environmental-friendly products. The 25mm width stick pack, which is recommended for the powdered green tea filling process, has been renewed to an environmentally friendly biomass ink printing form. The biomass-derived ink is a mixture of ink components and biomass materials (by using plant-derived materials such as rice bran or seeds). By switching from conventional ink to biomass ink, the film will become environmental-friendly material that could reduce the amount of CO2 emissions up to about 13% compared to conventional oil-based gravure ink.

  3. Processing 50mm Width Stick Pack With Hook Hole – Filling Process For ~ 20g Latte Or Instant Coffee (Food Product Included)

    We can manufacture 50mm width stick packs with a hook hole on top of the package. The filling process will handle various types of raw ingredients. In addition to granule ingredients filling such as instant coffee, matcha latte, and corn soup, various food ingredients such as rice, wheat, and beans can be filled.

  4. Introducing Granule Powder Stick X-Ray Line (X-Ray) The Foreign Matter Removal Inspection Machine

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  5. [Reduce CO2 Emission] Introducing “Biomass-derived Ink” For Stick Pack Film Printing

    Inks made from plant-derived resources (using rice bran, seeds, etc.) are expected to generate about 13% less CO2 than conventional oil-based gravure inks. Following the term "decarbonization", the word that attracts the attention of the environmentalist in particular and the people who care about protecting the environment in general, for solving environment-related social issues such as the declaration of zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

  6. Whole Catechin Powder Stick Pack Pink Color

    Stick pack with 25mm width that is suitable for Benifūki and powdered green tea raw material. The stick pack's film has excellent barrier characteristics such as light-shielding, moisture-proof, fragrance-retaining, and some other barrier properties, which are best for food packaging. In addition, it is easy to cut and can be opened from anywhere on the pack without using scissors.

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