Pricing Simulation (for Tea & Coffee/Food Product/Confectionery + IT Services)

When requesting an estimation quote, do you have any of these thoughts below?

● “I wanted to know the rough estimated price”

● “I wanted it fast”

● “Avoid talking through the phone”

● “It would be a good idea to keep a record of the requested estimated price documented on the Website”


We could solve your concerns with our latest Web Service

[Supporting Fields] Tea & Coffee/Food Products/Sweets + IT Related Products/Services

You can generate a “pricing simulation” based on your choice of raw materials and tea bag shapes.

◆Price Estimated Quotation Website「WELA OEM

Tea And Coffee Products

(Teabags/Coffee Bags/Powder Sticks)

Soup Stock Products

(Sliced dried Bonito)

Food Products
(Powder Raw Ingredients, Food Filling)

Sweet Products
(Dacquoise, Financier, Madeleine, etc., Chocolate coating sweet)


IT Department

Home Page

Web System

Data Migration from On-Premise to Cloud


A membership (free) is required for using “Pricing Simulation”

“Sign-Up New Membership For Free”

※How to create an account/ More details

◆”Confirmation of request quotation contents” and “Message System”

After submitting a request for a quotation, you can do A and B below on “My Page”.
*When logging in as a customer
A. Confirmation of quotation details for your request
B. Communication via message function (questions, requests, etc.)


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