IMA Teabag

The IMA teabag was produced using machines made by the prestigious IMA Group, which can manufacture hundreds of teabags per minute.
The prices are also cheaper compared to other teabag produced by different machines.
The tea bag material is paper. Thus, it is relatively difficult to see the interior ingredients. In contrast, the exterior package can be printed with many different designs that create a luxurious feel for each tea bag.
The IMA teabag is currently being used by many restaurants and hotels.

【 More Details About IMA Teabag 】
■ Fillable Raw Ingredients
Green Tea・Roasted Green Tea・Black Tea・Chinese Tea, etc.

Suitable Raw Ingredient Type
Smooth and fined raw ingredients (Like the sands in an hourglass)
The following is not eligible * Ingredient confirmation is required in advance
・ Ingredients with a strong odor
・ Fluffy raw material

Raw Ingredient Size
Up to 2mm

Filling Amount
Up to 2g

Interior Teabag Material
Paper (There are three types of tags: “white plain”, “grass-colored brown letters”, and “red-colored brown letters”)

Exterior Teabag Material
Our company own film (catalog listing / 8 types available)

M11-022 Gold (Cerro aluminum sencha 2g notation)
M12-02 Paper aluminum (paper on the outside, aluminum on the inside with 2g notation)
M13-02 High-quality poly (paper on the outside, poly on the inside)
M14-02 Paper aluminum (for sencha)
M15-02 Paper aluminum (for roasted green tea)
M16-02 High-quality poly (for black tea)
M17-02 Cello aluminum (for sencha)
M18-02 Cellophane aluminum (for roasted green tea)
* Different film has a different cost.

Minimum Lot
From 10,000 packs ~

Expiration Date
Printable Location: almost anywhere except on the Sticker location
Numbers of printable digits: Within 40 mm width (Kanji, alphabet, numbers are possible, full-width characters, half-width characters)

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