Digital Business Card

In recent years, “telework” and “working from home” are becoming a new trend for the working life aspect, as well as the “advance conference” or “board meeting” are also conducting online.

There are fewer chances that exchange business cards will be on the rise again.

Although it is undeniable that information on the business card was an effective tool for ice-breakers in conversations.

Every time for open conversations or start a deal with a small chat, topics such as company information, office location would be perfect for a conversation opener.

In the case of an online meeting, there is a high chance that the meeting would be much simpler.

“Digital business card” will restart a new way for “meeting” and “conference”, but this time is digitalization.

“Digital business card” will contain a lot of useful information but do not fit in the regular paper business card, and they could be sent to another customer/ partner before the online meeting begin.

When setting up for email signature, everything was done online. Therefore, there is no need to worry about filing and loss.

Furthermore, if any of the information is changed due to a department change or promotion within the company, there is no need to reprint it like a paper business card, and it can be easily corrected on the management screen, leading to printing cost reduction.

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