Limited-time Deals! Free Charge For Printed Mold! [kawaiipack] With OEM Method

On this occasion, we initiated the teabag production with special designs called [kawaiipack] with the OEM manufacturing method.

This line of products can produce various teabag shapes from cute characters, animals, flowers, fashions, to attached messages and seasonal items.

While we can process raw materials according to your liking, why not try out some of the cutest and unique teabag designs of our company?

【Deal Detail】:

・Minimum Lots: From 3,000 packs
・Price per unit: 30 yen per pack incl. filling process fee (raw ingredients supplied by customers)
・Size: Width 63 mm, height 140 mm

What’s more? The charge for printed mold is free! (with limited timing applied)

Please kindly provide us the data and the images of the teabag design that you desire and we will proceed to manufacture.

We also provide packing processes. Please kindly contact us to discuss this matter.

Contact Number: 054-281-9902 (weekdays 9:00 to 17:00)

Alternatively, please contact us via inquiry form.

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