1. Add more value to products and goods!!

  2. The appeal of the product is made into a manga and published on the website!!

  3. [Improving the efficiency of pharmacy operations] Making manufacturing records online (with easy steps)

  4. Escape from the “lack of human resources” and “individualization”. Let’s move forward with digitalization!!

  5. Break away from paper!! Digitize “manufacturing instructions”

  6. [50,000 yen per month!!] “Homepage production/Homepage maintenance & management”, “SNS updates”

  7. Recruitment Through Manga

  8. “We Providing Support” for businesses that want to apply or advance in the IT field, or progress further with business’s DX.

  9. Website Translation Service – [Vietnamese], [English], [Chinese]

  10. Efficient management with “Manufacturing request form” and “Work progress”

  11. Website Production (With WordPress)

  12. Websites (Web System) Maintenance

  13. Sale Report Management System

  14. [Example Cases] Related To WordPress

  15. Coupon/ Fusion Of Real And Web

  16. Digital Business Card

  17. [Case Study] Restarting A Currently Inaccessible Website

  18. Introduced “Refer-A-Friend Campaign” System

  19. Cooperation With Other Company’s Core System (API Linking, Etc.)

  20. Payment Via Convenience Store

  21. Order Management (Interlocking System)

  22. Web Voting System

  23. Coding

  24. Inquiry Management In Simple Implementation

  25. Landing Page For Business Development

  26. Systematization Of The [“Gratitude Email”] And [“Subscription Email”]

  27. Business Video Shooting And Editing

  28. Distribute Coupon On Website

  29. Web Application Form ② (Event Application, Winning Announcement, Ticket Display)

  30. Attendance Management System

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