New Products Lineup

  1. Add more value to products and goods!!

    This is a proposal for businesses and retailers wanting of providing further services beyond the sale of products and goods. *If it is related to tea or sweets, we can prepare it for you.

  2. The appeal of the product is made into a manga and published on the website!!

    Manga is a type of content that has an excellent ability to convey information, and it is especially effective when it comes to content that is difficult to convey. Can be used in: Website/flyers/exhibitions/events/in-store POP/training/recruitment activities/company newsletters, etc.

  3. [Improving the efficiency of pharmacy operations] Making manufacturing records online (with easy steps)

    This is a web system to improve the efficiency of pharmacy operations. Manufacture records for pharmaceuticals that are needed on a daily basis can be created in simple steps. *Registered information can also be searched by conditions.

  4. Escape from the “lack of human resources” and “individualization”. Let’s move forward with digitalization!!

    When you start thinking about digitalization in order to solve the problem of "lack of human resources" and "individualization," please also consider looking for a specialized company that you can consult with while exploring the root causes of your company's problems.

  5. Break away from paper!! Digitize “manufacturing instructions”

    This is a web tool that allows you to use your company's original format to eliminate paper waste.

  6. [50,000 yen per month!!] “Homepage production/Homepage maintenance & management”, “SNS updates”

    "Creating homepage & updating'', "Homepage maintenance management'', "SNS update agency'', all for 50,000 yen per month!!

  7. Recruitment Through Manga

    [Using manga in new graduate and mid-career recruitment] We recommend using "manga" as a new recruitment activity tool. By making it into a manga, it will be easier for job seekers to pick it up, allowing you to approach many people.

  8. “We Providing Support” for businesses that want to apply or advance in the IT field, or progress further with business’s DX.

    "...advance the use of IT in my company...", "...progress further with my company's DX....", if your business has such concerns, leave it to a professional company that can help you find the root cause of your company's problems.

  9. Processing 50mm Width Stick Pack With Hook Hole – Filling Process For ~ 20g Latte Or Instant Coffee (Food Product Included)

    We can manufacture 50mm width stick packs with a hook hole on top of the package. The filling process will handle various types of raw ingredients. In addition to granule ingredients filling such as instant coffee, matcha latte, and corn soup, various food ingredients such as rice, wheat, and beans can be filled.

  10. Website Translation Service – [Vietnamese], [English], [Chinese]

    …◆…★…◆…Vietnamese, English, and Chinese.…◆…★…◆… If your business wants to expand service outside the border, please contact us.

  11. Efficient management with “Manufacturing request form” and “Work progress”

    Using less paper to produce "Manufacturing Request Form", and see "Work Progress Management" in real time by using our new system.

  12. Drip Coffee Bag Manufacturing

    Simple and convenient, the drip-type bag is a standard for processing coffee bags. Can be manufactured from a small lot. The standard drip coffee bag was first manufactured in Shizupack about 20 years ago. In recent years, coffee blended with healthy food becoming a new trend, we proudly handle full processing from blending to the manufacturing process.

  13. Pricing Simulation (for Tea & Coffee/Food Product/Confectionery + IT Services)

    [Supporting Fields] Tea & Coffee/Food Products/Sweets + IT Related Products/Services You can generate a "pricing simulation" based on your choice of raw materials and tea bag shapes.

  14. Using Advanced Technologies For Cosmetic “Powder Filling” Process (Applicable For Set Up Production Line)

    With our cosmetic production license, we accept production orders from the small lot, for "filling" cosmetic products in small packs or containers with fixed quantities. Please contact us via TEL: 054-281-9902 (Weekdays 9: 00-17: 00), or Email:

  15. Food Products Filling Operation

    Dried food filling operation using eco-friendly (recyclable) biodegradable filter packaging. Cheaper production cost when compared to other material filter packaging. 

  16. IMA Teabag

    The IMA teabag was produced using machines made by the prestigious IMA Group, which can manufacture hundreds of teabags per minute. The IMA teabag is currently being used by many restaurants and hotels. ■Interior Teabag Material Paper (There are three types of tags: "white plain", "grass-colored brown letters", and "red-colored brown letters") ■Exterior Teabag Material Our company own film (catalog listing / 8 types available)

  17. Do You Have A Gym Membership? Then Our “Protein Powder Stick Pack” Is For You!

    In the health supplement field, protein powder is considered the most versatile ingredient for health and attracted a lot of attention in recent years. For that reason, we are happy to respond to protein powder-related products using stick packaging.

  18. [Reduce CO2 Emission] Introducing “Biomass-derived Ink” For Stick Pack Film Printing

    Inks made from plant-derived resources (using rice bran, seeds, etc.) are expected to generate about 13% less CO2 than conventional oil-based gravure inks. Following the term "decarbonization", the word that attracts the attention of the environmentalist in particular and the people who care about protecting the environment in general, for solving environment-related social issues such as the declaration of zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

  19. Green Tea Powder Kakegawa

    The famous green tea Kakegawa with its beautiful green color and great taste has been made into powder. The green tea powder could be the signature product for Kakegawa City in particular and Shizuoka Prefecture in general.

  20. Roasted Green Tea Powder

    Green tea leaves when roasted with Kaga traditional method, become a slightly sweet and very delicious roasted tea. For that reason, we don't use green tea leave, instead, we use the roasted tea leaves to produce the powder. In the roasting process, we use far-infrared rays to slowly roast the tea leaves to bring out the aroma.

  21. Kaga Stem Powder

    The "Kaga Roasting": a traditional roasting method that originated in Kanazawa City, which brings out the savory aroma and created delicious special roasted tea. The sweetness and the umami (tastiness) of the stem tea that roasted with the Kaga technique, then grind into powder.

  22. Insect Food With Chocolate Coating

    Insect food has gained worldwide credibility in recent years, as a "savior" to the food crisis that humankind has to face for years to come, as well as water shortage, and environmental issues that are rapidly rising. However, the number of the factory that is capable of processing insect food is still relatively low, as businesses seem to "can't find a factory that can handle insect ingredients and produce proper insect foods product, which is on the rise of demand in recent time and the near future." We are capable to respond to the current needs of any inquiries that relate to insect food, with our accumulated experiences and unique technologies.

  23. SDGs’ Viewpoint: Insects Maybe The Solution For Food Shortage

    From the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) perspective for the future food industry, at Shizupack, we process insect food from a different manufacturing environment compared to other products. At a starting point, we manufacture chocolate coating insects (grasshopper) as well as other processing lines such as packaging, etc. We're planning for further development in the insect food industry.

  24. Organic Powder Green Tea

    Stick pack with 25mm width that is suitable for organic powder green tea raw material. The stick pack's film has excellent barrier characteristics such as light-shielding, moisture-proof, fragrance-retaining, and some other barrier properties, which are best for food packaging. In addition, it is easy to cut and can be opened from anywhere on the pack without using scissors.

  25. Whole Catechin Powder Stick Pack Pink Color

    Stick pack with 25mm width that is suitable for Benifūki and powdered green tea raw material. The stick pack's film has excellent barrier characteristics such as light-shielding, moisture-proof, fragrance-retaining, and some other barrier properties, which are best for food packaging. In addition, it is easy to cut and can be opened from anywhere on the pack without using scissors.

  26. [Renewal] Whole Catechin Powder Stick Pack Green Color

    The printing process has switched to biomass-derived ink for the environmental-friendly products. The 25mm width stick pack, which is recommended for the powdered green tea filling process, has been renewed to an environmentally friendly biomass ink printing form. The biomass-derived ink is a mixture of ink components and biomass materials (by using plant-derived materials such as rice bran or seeds). By switching from conventional ink to biomass ink, the film will become environmental-friendly material that could reduce the amount of CO2 emissions up to about 13% compared to conventional oil-based gravure ink.

  27. Plain Stick Processing: 35mm Width

    The 35mm width plain color stick satchels for various raw ingredients filling process. The stick package’s film has excellent barrier characteristics such as light-shielding, moisture-proof, fragrance-retaining, and some other barrier properties, which are best for food packaging.

  28. Plain Stick Processing: 25mm Width

    The plain color stick satchels for various raw ingredients filling process. The stick pack’s film has excellent barrier characteristics such as light-shielding, moisture-proof, fragrance-retaining, and some other barrier properties, which are best for food packaging. In addition, it is easy to cut and can be opened from anywhere on the pack without using scissors.

  29. OEM Manufacturing (Drip-Type Pack): Hot Soup [Odashi] With Great Flavor

    As the pandemic makes remote work to spending more time at home, relaxing and refreshing can be done with "drinking soup stock". Would you like to try out hot soup as a new type of hot drink? * Package creation is also available.

  30. Proposing A New Hot Drink Other Than Tea And Coffee: “Odashi” Hot Soup

    Making soup stock just like the way of brewing a good cup of drip coffee. Would you like to try a product after you have been tired of drinking coffee or tea, and want to find something new?

  31. Catechin Powder

    The catechin substances were extracted from tea and made into powder. The powder can be used in confectionery manufacture, foods, or beverages. Furthermore, it can be an addition characterized substances as "catechin plus" or "polyphenol plus".

  32. Cherry Blossom Leaves Powder

    This unique powder is made from sterilized cherry blossom leaves. Domestically produced cherry leaves are carefully desalted, dried, sterilized, and crushed.

  33. Roasted Burdock Powder

    Burdock is harvested domestically, roasted, and grind into powder.  The burdock's odor or astringent taste is significantly limited, therefore it is easy to mix with sweets and foods product.

  34. Tea Charcoal Powder

    This is a very rare type of charcoal powder made from carbonizing tea. For some of the advantages of "charcoal", this type of charcoal powder can be used as a color additive substance. Because of some "powder" features, this type of product is relatively easy to process.

  35. Japanese Bamboo Charcoal Powder

    Recommend product for black-color product favor customers. Used only domestic bamboo charcoal, the particles are finer ground than other powder products. Could be used for various purposes, from making sweets to charcoal drinks or supplements.

  36. Stick Pack Processing With New Design For “New Year”

    For the celebration of the New Year 2022, we processing stick pack teabag with a special Japanese Traditional Design for the exterior package. We also accept the creation of a new original exterior package film, or the customer could choose their exterior package film to proceed with the filling process.

  37. Kawaiipack Seasonal Product For [New Year]

    The [kawaiipack] product line is manufactured according to the OEM processing method with a special technique. Various sizes and shapes can make into a funny or gorgeous teabag such as cute and goofy characters, cute animals, floral shapes, fashion, messages, and some shapes according to a particular season.

  38. Seasonal Product [New Year]: Individually Wrapped Teabags

    For the celebration of the New Year 2022, we producing individually wrapped teabag with a special Japanese Traditional Design for the exterior package.

  39. [Seasonal Product For Christmas] “kawaiipack” Product Line

    "kawaiipack" is a special product line that has various special designs that aim to make drinking tea looks more fun. And this product will also manufacture with the OEM method. There are many shapes can choose from, such as funny characters, cute animals, favorite wearing clothing, or simple text lines, etc. For Christmas, Santa Clause or Rudolph the reindeer are the most suitable choice.

  40. [Seasonal Product For Christmas] Stick Pack Manufacturing

    Our special design for the stick pack came just in time for Christmas. With the original design that fits into the festival atmosphere, we hope this and other Christmas products would bring joy to our dear customers.

  41. [Seasonal Product For Christmas] Individually Wrapped Teabag

    The most magical time of the year has almost come, and we prepared special products for our customers. Individually wrapped teabag with shapes that fit into the festival's atmosphere, for example, Santa Clause, Rudolph the reindeer.

  42. [Cosmetic Product] Filling With The Ingredients Provided By Customers

    We can operate various types of powder, including fine-grained powder that required advanced technologies. With the powder provided by the customers, we will carefully store, manage, and proceed with the filling process as the customer accord. The production quantity can be produced from the small lot.

  43. [Cosmetic Production] Offering Wide Range Of Support From Small Amount Filling For Sample Product, To High Degree Difficulty Of Filling Process

    With the cosmetic manufacturing license, we accept orders for filling cosmetic powder in stick packs, bags, or containers with a fixed quantity. We will handle not only the liquid type filling but also the high level of filling difficulty powder.

  44. Seasonal Product “kawaiipack” For Halloween

    The teabag with special designs product line-ups "kawaiipack" with OEM processing method is a type of teabag product that attract younger generations recently. The main reason is various shapes can make into teabags that suit the aesthetic taste of the youth such as funny characters, cute animals, flowers, etc (please check the following website for more information:

  45. Individually Wrapped Seasonal Teabag For Halloween

    Seasonal product is one of the essential product line-ups in our company in general and for this year Halloween special Treat-or-Trick in particular. Individually wrapped seasonal teabag with new package design just for Halloween season.

Welcome To Shizupack Website

Shizupack Ltd. company with more than 45 years of experience in teabag production and acquired many exclusive technologies in the industry, along with multiple safety certifications such as SQF certification, which is an approved standard of GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative), GMP certification for Healthy Food, food products with functional display label, JAS Organic, Kosher, Halal, HACCP, FDA, etc.

Not only in the teabag production business, but we also provided one-stop service with multiple businesses from powder stick processing, tea bag processing, coffee bag processing, food packing, confectionery manufacturing, powder sterilization, powder crushing, cosmetic filling, product setting work, all of these using OEM method manufacturing, to multilingual IT web system application development, IoT system development, and design. Feels free to contact us if you have any inquiries.

"Tea & Coffee, Food Division" operates the manufacturing process of powdered granule sticks, tea bags, coffee bags, Dashi (soup stock) packs, etc., granulated raw materials, powder sterilization, raw material fine crushing, and various other raw material procurement.

In the "Cosmetics department", we utilize our unique technologies for OEM manufacturing such as cosmetic powder stick filling process and product setting operation.

The "Confectionery Department" manufactures Western sweets products that could please our customers. We are capable of producing handmade products such as Dacquoise, Financier, Madeleine, etc. We can handle small lots and many sweet varieties.

The "System Development department" handles IT requests and issues from server construction in factories and stores to web/management system development, IoT system development, and web design creation to improve productivity.

We will provide a one-stop service that can meet the needs of our customers. Please contact us for more information.

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